Why Choose Steve Lederman
Your Advantage Realty

Your Advantage Realty provides Sellers an opportunity to sell their house with a reduced commission of 1% Listing fee (minimum fee $4900) without sacrificing service and marketing!
Steve Lederman/ Broker, Listing Agent has over 30 years of experienceSteve’s mission statement is to use all his expertise to provide a Full-Service home listing, producing the highest purchase price with the least amount of commission.  By following this formula, Steve maximizes home sellers NET cash proceeds at close of escrow by thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Your Advantage Realty Provides Everything You Expect & More:

of Selling Quickly AND For the Highest Price. Steve has a plan of action for every situation.
Steve has many years of experience in completing 100’s of CMA’s (comparable market analysis), and is very skilled and pride himself on being able to tell you where the market has been and perhaps more importantly where it is going.  Steve researches sold and pending properties in the subject’s property neighborhood to establish a competitive list price that will maximize the seller’s bottom line.
Steve fully understands the motives and thinking of Buyers and he maximizes the exposure of his property listings. Your property will be listed on ALL major companies websites and very important websites like Realtor.com, Yahoo, MSN, Zillow, Tulia and many, many more
of your home uploaded to the internet-We provide high quality professional photos that show your house in the best frame of reference to appeal to potential buyers

Steve Lederman has over 30 years of experience in negotiating purchase contracts.  If a counter offer is necessary, Steve has the expertise to advise you how to structure such a counter offer to maximize the negotiations and the outcome, for you the Seller.  For Example, this often deals with such things as how the purchase offer is structured and when the buyer would need to increase deposit and remove contingencies on the purchase contract. The Your Advantage Realty Team also provides all property disclosure documentation. In conclusion, Steve and the Your Advantage Realty team represent the seller fully from the moment the seller receives an offer through closing.

NOTE: Your Advantage Realty is 100% FUL SERVICE Realty. We provide all the services you expect from regular commission agent; we just do this for a lot less money!

Other Services/Items Provided

Why Hire Steve Lederman?

Save VERY LARGE sum of Money (thousands).

Local Highly Experienced Agent with Established Track Record.

Aggressive MLS & Internet Marketing

High Quality Professional Pictures

No Hidden Changes Whatsoever