How Commissions Work

Working with a real estate broker is often better than trying to sell your home alone. Real estate brokers can often help you get a better price and sell it faster than going the “for sale by owner” route. Brokers also have experience dealing with all the factors that might affect the marketing and selling of your property.
In exchange for their expertise and marketing resources, real estate agents usually charge clients a fee that is based on the percentage of the sales price—a commission—which is usually split between the broker and the company they work for.

Realtor’s Commission

At Your Advantage Realty our number one goal is maximize you NET cash proceeds to close at escrow.  We do this in two ways. First and foremost is to produce a Top Dollar sales price for your home. Secondly, we provide a reduced commission.  However, when you work with our team, lower commission fee doesn’t mean you will get a lower level of service. Let’s take a look at the commission process.

The Your Advantage Realty Difference

Typically, real estate agents charge around 5% to 6% (split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent) once the deal is closed. When you work with Your Advantage Realty, we provide a 1% Listing Commission (minimum fee $4900) without limiting any of the services that you receive from Steve Lederman, Broker and our team. That means you get to keep alot more of the money from your biggest asset, your home.
To learn more about how we lower our commission, get in touch with Steve Lederman listing agent.You can also browse through our website to find out more about the advantages that we provide for homebuyers and sellers.

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