Your Advantage Realty Versus Competitors

Your Advantage Realty is a FULL SERVICE Realty. You do not give up anything while we maximize your net cash proceeds with our reduced Listing Commission of 1% (minimum fee $3600). To help illustrate this fact we have created a graph to show a side by side comparison between us and a typical agent that charges a 6% commission.

Side-by-Side Comparison
Service Traditional Listing Agent Us
We list your house with reduced listing commission of 1% no yes
Agent Assisted Home Pricing With Detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) & Net Sheet based upon estimated sales price yes CMA maybe net sheet yes
Provide Descriptive Brochure Flyer, Attractive Yard Sign, & MLS Lock Box (if desired) yes yes
Market your property on Top R/E websites maybe yes
Weekly Updates maybe yes
Upon receipt of an offer we verify Buyer’s prequalifications by personally contacting Buyer’s lender Most Likely Not yes
Negotiation and Contract Assistance yes yes
Provide detailed Calender of Purchase Contract Contingency Release and Buyer's Compliance Most Likely Not yes
Closing Support yes yes

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