Innovative Fundraising with a Realty that Gives Back!  


Overview for Innovative Fundraising for Your Organization 

Your Advantage Realty wants to assist you in fund raising for your organization. We are a full service reduced fee realtor and have designed a platform to get a substantial cash contribution to your organization.  How? Please read on! 

Who We Are 

Your Advantage Realty is a long established full service reduced fee real estate company serving the greater Sacramento since 2006.  We have a solid established track record in providing highly professional service for the purchase or sale of a home.  

When Buying a Home 

When buying a home with us, at close of escrow we will contribute 20% of our commission to your organization. By the home buyer choosing us to be their agent and informing us that they have found us thru your organization, we simply direct the funds to your organization at close of escrow.   This does not cost the buyer anything; they simply tell us they found us thru your organization.   

When Selling a Home

Our listing fee is 1% and we provide full service!  A regular realtor typically charges 2.5% for their listing fee.  That leaves 1.5% of saved commission (60% savings) which the home seller can direct all or part to their organization for fundraising purposes. Upon the close of escrow we will ask the home seller how much of their savings they would like to contribute to their organization.  All this is not costing the home seller one extra dollar compared to working with a regular commission agent.   The seller of the home will ultimately decide how much of their 1.5% savings they wish to contribute to your fundraising cause.    

How Everybody Wins 

It is not often that everybody wins these days!  With our approach assisting you in fund raising, everybody wins! Your organization wins because you have introduced a new and innovative way to fundraise for your chosen event and/or cause.  Your organization wins because they will work with a top notch realtor and by using us and they have enabled a sizeable a cash contribution to your organization without any out of pocket expense compared to working with a regular realtor. Your Advantage Realty wins because we have the satisfaction of being a key component to facilitating funds to be given back to the community, plus we have the privilege to serve your members. 

What Does You Organization Need to Do to Participate? 

Simply get the word out to your members that they have the option to create cash contributions to your organization by working with us.  This could be in the form of a newsletter, social media post, flyer distribution or one of our team members can make a presentation at an upcoming meeting.  Contact us for more details or register for more info.