Get House Ready

Get House Ready For Sale done quickly with low budget

1) De-clutter your home. Go ahead and pack up most of your personal pictures and all of your collector or controversial items. You will have to ultimately move these items anyway. Put the boxes in the garage or get a storage unit. Regarding kitchen and bath, drastically limit the most of the items on the counter or surfaces.  It is also helpful to leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose and leave plenty of room to move around.  Also point your furniture towards the features of the home-wall of windows, fireplace etc…not personal items you will be taking with you, like a television set.

2) Clean the house starting in one room in one corner. Start at the top of the ceiling and go down to the bottom of the floor inspecting every inch. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Sponge (read instructions) on walls that are marred.

3) Work on your curb appeal by adding bark and trimming bushes. Keep the lawn mowed make sure sidewalks are cleared. Pay close attention to the front door area.

4) If you are still unsure and would like further advice on how to prepare your home for sale, call Steve Lederman at  916-476-2820 or email at

Of course, all of the above steps are optional as we have had homes that were dirty and cluttered sell at high prices and we have had meticulously staged homes sit on the market waiting. The goal of making your home a product as described above is simply to bring in more buyers as more buyers bring more options. But, it only takes one buyer to buy your home.

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