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What is a buyer rebate? 

The buyer rebate is money we give back to the person that is buying the house! Simply put, we will rebate (or credit) 20% of our commission  back to you when your home closes escrow. Traditionally the seller pays the buyer agent commission, which is typically 2.5% of the sale price.    We work with all home buyers; it does that matter if we are currently listing you home or not.  NOTE: Purchasing new construction? We rebate 50% of our commission (important , please contact us before  viewing the home (site).

Why is it beneficial to have a rebate and a buyer’s agent? 

This might seem obvious; however worth clarifying.   It is highly beneficial for buyers to have an agent take them step by step through the process, get them into view homes, negotiate the sale and understand the documentation required when buying a home.   A buyer rebate is another great reason to work with us during your buying process.  The buyer’s agent is paid by the seller! So, It costs you nothing and you still benefit by having an expert agent guiding you every step of the way!  

Move up Buyer’s welcome! Enjoy a seamless transaction-sale

A move up buyer is a home seller that wants to purchase another home. It makes perfect sense to work with our 1% listing fee-full service program and then save more with a 20% rebate on the purchase of your next home purchase. 

How much money will you save?  

Our clients receive a 20% rebate, which is a great deal!  The average buyer earns a rebate of $4840. Higher rebates are available if you already have a house identified and are ready to submit an offer. Nothing hidden here; we simply put a large amount of money back in your pocket. *Note: Some lenders will have a limit of rebates and credits they allow for a buyer, so that would need to be verified with your lender in advance! However, it is rare situation when our rebate exceeds their limit.

Why use us?

To start, we are we are a local Sac Metro based company specializing in creating a seamless process for our clients while saving them a lot amount money. We are highly experienced and  pride ourselves in helping our clients by finding their dream home and saving them money at the same time!  It is in this very same spirt that we believe it should not cost the seller a small fortune to sell their home (they benefit from our 1% Listing fee), we also believe you the home buyer should have the opportunity to put thousands of dollars in your pocket at close of escrow.  We are experts and will work hard for you, plus save you money!  It’s a win win for both parties.  

How do we get things going? 

Contact us by calling -916-476-2664 or register for a consultation. 


  • Let’s meet or talk on the phone us to determine your goals and areas of interest 
  • Review the buying process 
  • Complete your bank prequalification letter  
  • Setup a live MLS (Multiple Listing Service) email notification of     homes in your search criteria 
  • Review the buyer rebate agreement 
  • Start looking for homes 

*Rebate Terms/Exclusions: (yes- there are always a few!!) 

  • We don’t offer rebates on our “in-house” listing (Properties listed by – Your Advantage Realty). 
  • Rebates only apply on purchases when the buyers commission is 2.% or above, paid by the seller.
  • Rebates only apply on purchases with a sale price over $350,000
  • Rebates only go towards to purchase of the property (buyer credits & price reductions) and not cash back to you after closings escrow.
  • Your lender must allow for a rebate (subject to lender approval).
  • Rebates are not available on Short Sales or Bank Owned Properties.



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